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According to a recent TaxAudit survey, more than a third of American taxpayers (37%) did not have enough resources to pay 2019 taxes owed due to the events of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to financial hardship, many people are also unable to pay back taxes due to filing errors or poor bookkeeping records. As a result, seeking tax debt relief may be the key to remedying this issue.

However, some tax relief companies may have a poor reputation when it comes to individuals who request tax help. With complaints regarding high fees, false promises, and debt forgiveness, finding a trustworthy organization can be a complicated struggle. On the other hand, there are some organizations that have proven track records and offer a positive user experience.

Partnering With Top Tax Relief Companies

If you're in debt to the IRS and are behind on your tax bills, seeking professional aid from a tax relief program can be your solution. To help you pay your taxes, here are some of the best tax relief companies that you can partner with in terms of having qualified enrolled agents, customer service, program costs, and installment agreements.

1.) CommunityTax

For those with smaller tax debts valued at under $10,000, CommunityTax is a good choice for people seeking guidance through their free online resource library and mobile app. They have helped over 90,000 clients with their tax needs, and offer free online consultations for those who want to work out a term payment plan for their tax returns.


  • Has a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Is an IRS-approved continuing education provider
  • Offers access to a Community Tax Assurance Program on mobile


  • Pricing may be less transparent compared to other plans
  • Limited options for a refund if the IRS denies a request.
  • Some consumer complaints about state tax
  • Chat support can be improved

2.) Precision Tax Relief

With over 60 years of experience, Precision Tax Relief can provide assistance to those who may not have the ability to pay their taxes on time to the IRS. They have transparent pricing plans, easily accessible methods of communication, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Offers one of the longest money-back guarantees
  • Their website is easy to navigate
  • Has an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Charges an affordable flat fee
  • Can handle back taxes and prior tax return issues
  • Has qualified enrolled agents


  • Doesn't have tax audit representation
  • Lacks some online resources

3.) Enterprise Consultants Group

For those who need more information regarding tax relief for businesses, Enterprise Consultants Group provides aid from anything to payroll taxes to tax audit representation.


  • Offers a free consultation with a free IRS transcript analysis
  • Provides a large range of small business services
  • Has NATP accreditation
  • Has an A+ rating with the BBB


  • Lacks a guarantee
  • Lacks some online resources
  • Tax services are mostly geared towards those who live in California

4.) Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services provides individuals with a unique no-time-limit guarantee if they don't get their debt reduced by the IRS after availing of their services. This can be particularly helpful for low-income families or those who have a poor credit score by reducing the immediate financial burden of making tax payments.


  • Offers a guarantee with no time limit
  • Has payment options for those who can't afford to pay a lump sum upfront
  • Accredited by NATP and NAEA
  • Has no retainer fee


  • Some negative customer reviews regarding communication
  • Can improve emphasis on consumer education

5.) Tax Defense Network

For those who are having trouble with their payment plans or have difficulties with the IRS collection process, the Tax Defense Network offers bilingual tax assistance to Spanish and English speakers. IRS tax debt can be difficult to handle if English isn't your first language, and they can provide clarification when it comes to dealing with required tax payments and other tax liabilities in the long term.


  • Provides tax relief services both in English and Spanish
  • Can deal with a minimum debt amount of $2,500
  • Has been in business since 1997
  • Offers affordable pricing and monthly payments


  • Limited refund policy
  • Lacks accreditation by any industry organizations

Understanding the Basics of Tax Relief

Before hiring a tax relief organization or consulting any tax professionals, it's important to note that not everyone may qualify for this process. It may not be as easy as you think to get that tax refund you're after, and you may even get stuck with a federal tax lien if you're unable to pay for your taxes.

The good news is that some people can qualify for IRS hardship programs if they met certain requirements. The Offer in Compromise program allows people to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount, depending on their specific set of circumstances.

A tax relief company may charge an upfront fee or begin with a free consultation. This involves checking how much debt you owe, whether you're up to date with filings, or if you have had any other difficulties with the IRS in the past. Depending on your unique situation, these tax experts can explore various solutions that can help reduce the amount and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does tax relief work?

Tax debt relief firms aim to use their expert knowledge of rules and regulations to help taxpayers deal with their unpaid tax debt to the IRS. Sometimes, IRS may agree to reduce or eliminate debt, fees, and penalties. Individuals might be able to obtain an installment agreement or a short-term payment plan to reduce their financial burden.

What should I look for in a tax relief company?

A good tax relief company should have a transparent pricing structure, mostly positive customer reviews, a good rating from the Better Business Bureau, a money-back guarantee, and relevant certifications and accreditations.

How much does tax relief cost?

Depending on the tax professional you consult with, the cost of tax relief can vary greatly. Some companies charge a percentage of the amount you owe to the IRS while others charge an hourly rate of anywhere from $275 up to $1,000.

Additional Resources

Guide to Tax Relief Companies

This resource from the Federal Trade Commission provides taxpayer tips and advice when it comes to choosing a tax relief company, and how to file a complaint if necessary.

Free Tax Help

This resource from the IRS provides guidance on where to get access to free help in filing a tax return and outlines the documents that you need to get started.

While it may be stressful for inexperienced taxpayers to file taxes or pay their tax bills upfront, working with a reputable tax debt relief firm can handle the process of negotiating with the IRS. Choosing companies that offer flexible payment options can help reduce your tax liability and give you better peace of mind.

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