How To Cancel Credit Cards After Death

by Violet WillettFebruary 15, 2024
How To Cancel Credit Cards After Death

When someone passes away, there are many things that must be resolved. One of the important most tasks to complete is canceling credit cards in order to preserve your loved one's identity and finances after they have gone through a difficult time, especially if this person had an account and credit card. You should call each individual creditor before taking any actions against their account because it can take some effort on behalf of both parties involved; however, changing banks will often do all you need without much hassle as long as these changes have been made beforehand (and don't forget about reviewing other financial documents).

You should try to get organized beforehand with names of accounts and passwords. You can request a credit report for an accurate overview of which accounts need attention, but make sure not to miss any important mail like invoices or statements that may arrive in the meantime! 

Notify the issuer

When someone passes away, it's important to notify the bank that they've passed on so you can avoid any fees or accrued interest. You'll just need to remove their name from accounts if there is joint ownership and cancel them altogether for other cases like solo homeowner status with no dependents, in which case all funds will be returned back into your account immediately upon contact at

Resolve the account balance

If the deceased had a balance on their credit card, it would need to be resolved by an executor of that person's estate through their estate. This can be part of probate, and you should only use personal funds if there are no other assets available. It is done to avoid any financial problems for yourself or anyone else who may inherit from them later down the road while paying off debts like these unsecured ones which sometimes take longer than secured kinds because they don't offer collateral at all - so make sure before anything happens with those accounts!

Cancel recurring payments

If the deceased used their credit card to make recurring payments on any other accounts, such as utility bills or other subscriptions, you'd need to cancel those. Canceling an account isn't enough for these transactions! Check out statements your loved one left behind carefully. They might have services that charge automatically with a CC and then send them monthly invoices, which can include things like cell phone service from Verizon Wireless.

Dispose of the card

It is important to destroy any physical card after canceling it. This includes gathering and destroying cards from authorized users as well, but the best way would be by running them through a shredder or cutting up pieces, for that matter, so that you don't have any magnetic strip left on your expired bank account; with personal information readable anymore!

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