How To Get Credit Cards With No Credit

by Violet WillettFebruary 2, 2024
How To Get Credit Cards With No Credit

Credit history is one of the important factors when applying for a credit card, but it can be difficult to establish without many years' worth. However, there are starter cards out that will help you get started and build up your score, so keep looking!

Your credit history is important to consider when applying for a card. Having good or excellent ratings can help you get approved, but it won't be the deciding factor in your application decision; instead, other factors like income and employment come first hand, too.

Opening a credit card is an exciting step towards financial freedom, but it also comes with some limitations. You'll want to make sure that you can consistently pay your bill in full and on time before applying for any line of credit, as this may affect what kind of rate they offer you later down the road.

Credit cards for beginners

If you are thinking about how to get a credit card with little or no credit history, you can also get starter cards. There are some different types of starter credit cards for people with no credit

  • Student credit cards. Student credit cards are a nice way for students who don't have any experience with using money or paying bills. When getting one, though, the first thing you'll want is to make sure there isn't an annual fee associated with the card!
  • Secured credit cards. These cards need a refundable security deposit in order to open. The amount of your security deposit is actually your credit limit.

How to qualify for a starter card

In order to qualify for your starter credit card, o qualify for your own starter credit card, you'll need to provide your:

  • Source of income
  • Social security number 
  • Monthly housing or rent

Your income does not have to just be from a job, either. You could get part of it through investments, or you might rely on what your spouse makes for income in addition to yours!

If you're under 21, it's important to understand that the credit card issuer may require proof of independent income.

How to apply for your first credit card

Applying for a credit card is not at all scary. If you already have a saving or current account in good standing, consider applying at the bank where you've been banking all along!

The process of applying for a credit card can be simplified with the help of an online or in-person application. Ask your local bank branch to see if they offer any other types, as well!

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