How to Protect Your Credit Cards from Skimming

by Violet WillettOctober 18, 2023
How to Protect Your Credit Cards from Skimming

Credit card skimming is a way of stealing credit card information using an electronic device that scans and stores all your data from your card’s magnetic stripe. Using your stolen data, thieves can use it to make fraudulent transactions and charges either online or with a counterfeit credit card. 

Skimming can happen in many ways and skimming devices can be placed almost anywhere. Below are three top tips you can use to avoid credit card skimming. 

Tip #1- Verify Card Reader Security  

Get into the habit of checking any and all card readers before using them. It can be hard to tell, but just feel around and check if a keyboard feels a little too thick or something feels loose. If you’re at a bank, check other ATMs to see if yours looks the same. 

Tip #2 - Pay Via Other Methods 

The best way to save yourself from any type of skimming methods is to simply use cash. Another safe way to protect your card from skimmers is using online or mobile payment like Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal. 

Tip #3 - Monitor Your Transactions

Regularly check and review your card statements from suspicious transactions. If you notice something wrong, report it immediately with your bank. To help you monitor your transactions, you can even set up alerts (be it via text messages, e-mail notifications, or both) for all your credit card activities. 

To protect yourself from skimmers, you need to be cautious every time you use your credit cards. If you need more information about credit cards, make sure to check out our website for comprehensive guides to everything you need to know about it.

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