Most Frequent Causes Of Stolen Credit Card Information

by Violet WillettApril 18, 2024
Most Frequent Causes Of Stolen Credit Card Information

You may be wondering how thieves and hackers can steal your credit card information, but there are many ways this happens. Want to know how? Then read below

Phishing Emails

A fraudulent message may look official, but the emails behind these phishing attacks are made with a nefarious purpose. Most try to get you to click on something or enter your information under pretenses so they can steal from us!

The best way to avoid this phishing scheme is by verifying your identity with companies before giving them any personal information. You should also take note that these fake phone numbers are often listed on legitimate-looking websites or emails, which makes them even more convincing.


Is your computer infected with spyware? You could be the victim of a crime if you download or open an email attachment from someone other than who it's intended for. But don't worry! You can install a good antivirus and your information is all protected.

Public WiFi Networks

You may be tempted to use public internet networks, but they put your privacy at risk. Make sure you install a VPN on any computer that will need access to the web outside of home often- this includes hotels and airports as well!

Major Data Breach

Large institutions, including retail businesses, and banks can be targeted for data breaches that put your credit card information at risk. In recent years, some of the biggest have led to tens of millions having their personal details compromised.

Trash and ATM Skimming

When it comes to security and protection, the trash can be a treasure trove. And though less common nowadays, ATM skimming still happens! This type of fraud occurs when ATMs or other payment terminals are bugged with recording devices that gather your card information as you insert or swipe. Make sure not only do they have permission from all parties involved but also know where any sensitive data will reside before pulling out anything from inside those stashes.

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