Our Team

We at AnyCredit aim to give information that matters, and that starts with having the right team of people to go through each and every article before it’s sent out.

Violet Willett

Chief Accounting Officer and Controller
Before becoming AnyCredit’s Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, Violet worked as a senior accountant for an international bank. Because of her role, she has had the opportunity to work alongside top Fortune 500 companies from across the country.

Austin Simmons

Head of Strategic Execution and Operations
Austin is the head of planning and day-to-day operations at AnyCredit and oversees all the hard work behind the articles and contents we produce. He also does management consultations for smaller businesses with the aim of helping them manage their finances better.

Karen Garcia

Human Resources
Karen spearheads the talent acquisition department at AnyCredit, and has been with the team from the get-go. She uses her background in psychology and her knack for writing to train the HR team and look for writers with the freshest ideas and most-creative minds.

Harold Key

Chief Risk Officer
Harold’s extensive background in risk management for top multinational companies makes him the perfect fit to keep the website and the company wholly safe. He also works closely with Karen to ensure that company regulations are enforced.

Eva Cline

Head of Strategy, Digital Platform, and Innovation
Eva has a keen eye for research and a passion for financial literacy. She’s the main point person when it comes to sprouting new article ideas, and she works closely with writers to make sure that every article we post is up to par.
Here at AnyCredit, we aim to make the most complex financial issues and topics easy to understand. In our articles, we will be making analysis, smart finance judgments, and honest conversations to help you make sense of your financial capacities and options.
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