What Credit Cards Does Walmart Accept

by Violet WillettMarch 7, 2024
What Credit Cards Does Walmart Accept

Credit cards including, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. ATM / Debit / Check Cards, including Walmart MasterCard, Walmart Credit Card, Walmart MasterCard, and Walmart MoneyCard. EGift cards, and Walmart Gift Cards.

Does Walmart Take International Credit Cards?

Walmart can accept international credit cards, such as American Express, Discover, and MasterCard. Some Walmart stores also accept JCB or UnionPay card transactions (transactions that start with "62") which come without the "Union Pay" logo on the front side of your card-both are accepted at most locations!

Best Business Cards for Shopping at Walmart

Here are a few best business cards for shopping at Walmart

The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card

If you're a business person, then the American Express Blue Business Plus Card is going to be your best friend. This card offers 2x points on everyday purchases up to $50K per year (1 point later). The earning structure here for this credit card is incredible as long as we don't exceed 50 thousand dollars in transactions each calendar year!

The Amex Blue Business Plus card is a great choice for your travel needs. It comes with an introductory 0% APR promotion, secondary rental car coverage, purchase protection, and extended warranty-- among other things!

The Amex card is one of the most popular no-annual-fee credit cards out there, with its transferable rewards program. This makes it easy to see why people love this product so much!

Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

The Ink Business Unlimited card is a seriously impressive credit card option. It draws comparisons to being the "business version" of Freedom Unlimited, but it's actually even more exceptional than that!

Get a 0% introductory APR and flat 1.5% cash-back on all purchases without caps with this card! You'll even get some of the same benefits as Freedom Unlimited, including purchase protection, extended warranty fraud liability protection - not to mention primary rental car coverage, which comes second in their case?

The best part about it is you can earn up rewards fast thanks to that big welcome bonus ($500), then use them later when dealing directly with vendors or going out for dinner instead of using your credit card like most people do these days.

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

The Capital One Spark Miles card draws a lot of comparisons to the CapOne Venture card, and it's often said to be its business equivalent.

Indeed, you will earn a generous welcome bonus as well as unlimited 2x Capital One miles on every purchase - all with no annual fee or foreign transaction fees! You'll also get 5x cash back when making hotel reservations through their travel service (although this is not available if using another airline) plus employee cards for your whole team at cost-effective rates.

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