When Did Credit Cards Start?

by Violet WillettDecember 14, 2023
When Did Credit Cards Start?

Credit cards are a modern invention that has been around since the 1920s. They were first introduced in America by oil companies and hotel chains, but it wasn't until 1950 when Diners Club launched their universal credit card which could be used at any place you wanted to shop with them! Another major type known as travel & entertainment cards was made popular by American Express who released theirs back then too - they're both great examples of how innovative thinking can lead us down new paths for success.

Concept Of Credit Cards

In ancient times, the concept of credit was first introduced to humanity in Mesopotamia and Harappa. Merchants from those regions would make agreements with one another that allowed them to buy goods but pay for them later- these tablets are among the earliest known examples on record! 

As the Old West was being colonized by America, store cards were first used to provide loans for farmers and ranchers. Store owners would issue metal coins or small plates as receipts of these IOUs which evolved over time into versions that more closely resemble what we know today on a card-based system.

Chronology Of Credit Card

The history of credit cards is long and complicated, but in 1950 Diners Club issued the first charge card. In 1958 Bank of America introduced their general-purpose credit card that offered revolving features with low-interest rates for customers who paid on time each month - this was soon followed by American Express Company's introduction into travel entertainment payment cards as well as magnetic strip standard adoption within the U.S borders at about same time period (19xx). It wasn't until 1969 when MasterCard came into existence through an agreement among banks including those from Sears/Dean Witter Financial Services Group which led to creating Discover Cardlater known simply by its parent company- nowadays there are many different brands under EMV chip technology used worldwide!

A credit card account remains one of most secure payment methods available today because it is tied directly with banks--and not retailers who could conceivably change their policies at any time without warning you first.

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