Which Credit Cards Offer Primary Rental Car Insurance?

by Violet WillettDecember 28, 2023
Which Credit Cards Offer Primary Rental Car Insurance?

If you're looking for the best credit card with auto insurance, be sure to check out cards that offer both primary coverage and other perks. Primary means you are covered by just one policy, and if there's anything less than that- like secondary or tertiary protection -you should be careful because they may not cover all expenses related to an accident no matter what type of vehicle was involved. 

Purchasing car rental insurance can be expensive, though — as much as $30 per day. Having your credit card covered with this type of coverage allows you to confidently decline that extra expense and potentially save hundreds, in the long run, thanks for not having it.

We have gathered the best cards which offer primary rental car insurance and here they are:

American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express is a good option thanks to the tremendous amount of value it offers and its annual fee. No need for hassle when you can use any one of your Amex cards.

Capital One

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business and Spark Cash for Business is perfect if you're renting a car to do business. They offer primary coverage that will help protect your investment with insurance, as long as the rental facility does not charge extra fees when using these credit cards.

Chase Cards

With so many different cards from Chase available with primary car rental insurance, there is one for everyone- no matter what their travel style or budget might be.

Ink Business Credit Cards

The Ink Business Cards offer primary coverage for normal vehicle types. The coverage provides reimbursement up to the car’s actual cash value in cases of physical damage and/or theft, loss-of-use charges assessed by rental companies, as well as reasonable tow truck bills related to covered losses.

United Club Card

In addition to primary car rental insurance, the United Club card offers a generous welcome bonus and complimentary lounge access. With this luxurious benefits package, you'll be able to enjoy priority boarding on planes with your luggage as well!

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Meta Description: We have made a list of the most helpful credit cards which offer primary rental car insurance, check it out and don’t pay extra for rental agency’s coverage. 

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